Fungal decontamination

The presence of mold can cause allergic reactions such as bronchitis, conjunctivitis, asthma or pneumonia. It is sometimes located on exposed surfaces (walls, floor and other) but can also develop in as invisible place within the walls, vents, ceilings and other.

Decontamination should follow specific standards approved by the CSST and / or authorities responsible for health and safety, using methods and equipment required by the level of contamination.

Here are some important points to consider:

  • Mold grows continuously, so it is important to act quickly in case of doubt in order to reduce health risks and the cost of decontamination;
  • The first step of decontamination is the visit of an expert on site to assess the situation, collect and analyze samples and evaluate the level of risk;
  • It is important to identify the source of the mold and make the necessary adjustments to avoid that happening again;
  • Decontamination is the subject of very strict standards and must be done by professionals.

Indusco Insulation Inc.. has all the certifications required for fungal decontamination.

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